5 Ways To Get Rid Of Office Cubicles Before Moving

21 Jun 2022
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Most contemporary offices have cubicles, as they are standard features in such workplaces. They are helpful pieces of office furniture that make daily work processes seamless. However, if a company is relocating, it may wish to update its office furniture or adopt an open office system. These old cubicles will become redundant and will need to be disposed of.

When disposing of these redundant cubicles, it is essential to adopt safe and productive methods. I may wish to sell my office furniture when relocating as a business owner. This solves the problem of disposing of redundant cubicles. Here are five practical ways to get rid of office cubicles before moving.

  • Liquidate The Cubicles
  • Sell The Cubicles To The New Tenant
  • Donate The Cubicles
  • Recycle The Cubicles
  • Give Away The Cubicles

Liquidate The Cubicles

Liquidating the cubicles is an effective way to sell my used office furniture. Several liquidating companies are willing to buy old office furniture. These companies would then resell them for a profit. They accept almost all office equipment, including furniture like cubicles, electronics, and IT devices. Working with a liquidation company is also an excellent way to eliminate excess office furniture quickly when moving.

Sell The Cubicles To The New Tenant

Another effective way of disposing of office cubicles when moving is by selling them to the new tenant. If another business occupies the old office space, they may need some cubicles for their offices. They may also welcome the idea of buying the previous tenant’s cubicles. This helps them cut costs. Also, the cubicles are already installed, making it easier for the new tenant.

Donate The Cubicles

Donating the cubicles is also an excellent option if I don’t want to sell my office furniture. Business owners can choose to donate their used cubicles to nonprofits when moving. These nonprofits can then use or resell the donated items. Donating used or redundant furniture like cubicles can benefit both the company and the nonprofit organization. While the nonprofit organization will generate revenue from selling the items, the company will be eligible for a tax credit.

Recycle The Cubicles

A business can also choose to recycle its redundant cubicles when moving. Recycling is arguably the best way to dispose of waste materials. It is also an excellent way to generate revenue from unused office equipment. A relocating company can work with a reputable company to recycle its cubicles and other unused office equipment.

Give Away The Cubicles

Finally, giving the cubicles to businesses or individuals is another efficient way to dispose of unused office cubicles. Companies won’t gain financially or earn a tax credit when giving away their unused office furniture. However, they can use it for advertisement and promotional purposes.

Do you want to get rid of your office cubicles before relocating your business? Do you need a trusted liquidation company to help you sell used office furniture? Contact us at Michaels Global Trading today. We are a reputable decommissioning service that can help you manage office equipment, such as office furniture, retail merchandise, and industrial equipment.

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