3 Reasons to Sell Assets With a Liquidation Auction

15 Feb 2021
3 Reasons to Sell Assets With a Liquidation Auction

Selling things can be a difficult process. There’s the organizing, arranging, and coordinating elements, not to mention the effort in actually getting someone to buy your items. When it comes to business liquidation, the process can be painstaking, whether it’s because your business accumulated a large number of items you no longer need, or if you’re closed down for good. Either way, it’s time-consuming to go through the items, and make decisions on what to sell, how much to sell it for, how to sell it, and who to sell it to.

In addition, selling each item you own takes up time, energy, and resources, but could also limit the amount of capital you make. However, liquidating your assets isn’t the only option available to you. You could also utilise auction services, which help businesses convert their assets into cash quickly and efficiently. Not only do you make quick returns, but you also avoid having to deal with the repairs, returns, and refunds that inevitably come along with selling assets on an itemised basis. Buyers will come directly to you looking for deals, and you could sell items for a profit if there is interest in them.

Liquidation auctions may be the solution for you and your business needs. Read on for the 3 reasons to sell assets with a liquidation auction.

Easy, Efficient, and Quick

Selling all your assets in an itemised manner can be a painstaking process. Rather than list every chair, table, and other miscellaneous item, you could bundle them up and sell them all in one go. A reliable auction company will help you in the process from start to finish: from publicising and holding the auction, to categorising and pricing your assets. This way, you ensure you get a great profit with minimum effort.

The way auctions are structured allows for a large number of interested parties to participate in the event. Your auction company will set the best prices to attract bids while still making you profits, which means it is rare for items not to sell. This earns you cash quickly, for minimum investment of effort.

Rather than waiting to sell each item individually, auctions will allow for many assets to be moved out at once, and in a timely manner. What generally takes business owners many months to sell, auctioneers are able to cycle through in one day. This reduces the stress on business owners, as well as the overhead expenses involved in transportation, resources, and so on.

Attract a Larger Number of Buyers

When painstakingly listing every item to sell, you attract buyers who are interested only in that specific item. Not only will you have to communicate with each of them individually, but if the sale falls through, the process starts all over again. With liquidation auctions, people will come because they are interested in the greater group of inventory you have to offer. Therefore, you could get rid of multiple items with one sale.

In addition, most companies have an interested group of loyal buyers who will come to the auctions they hold. The more people come to your auctions, the more easily you sell your assets. There will also be more competition for the items, meaning that prices get driven up, making you more money.

Technical Aspects

Liquidators will develop a tailored plan to fit your business. There are many aspects that go into a liquidation auction, making it a very technical process. Getting ready for an auction involves several little steps that may not be your priority as a business owner. The following are some points to consider, which may make liquidation auctions the solution for you:

  1. Preparing an inventory of business assets is important to prepare for the auction. This requires including photographs, serial numbers, and the condition of the item. The item needs to be categorised and designated for a particular auction.
  2. Establishing liquidation value is another important step in the auction process. Professional companies work with qualified appraisers who will evaluate your assets and designate their market or trading value. Liquidators will then raise that price to the appropriate value to make a profit for you, as well as appear appealing to buyers.
  3. Liquidation auction companies will also help with the following technical details:


  • Buyer knowledge. Professionals will know what the audience wants to buy and at what price. Most companies will have a group of dedicated buyers, which allows for better sales.

  • Completion of sales within constraints. If you’re short on time or want cash quickly, liquidation experts can get the job done within the constraints you have! At Michaels Global Trading, our team is used to working within short time frames to get you the best experience possible.

  • Knowledge of market value appraisal rates. Professionals keep up to date on the market value or going rate for most business assets. An accurate appraisal allows for the items to get sold quicker, and for you to get the best rate possible.


There you have it: 3 reasons to sell assets through a liquidation auction. Opt for a liquidation auction if you wish to quickly sell your inventory for easy returns. The process is faster, simpler, and less work in the long run. Professional liquidators will handle the process from beginning to end, allowing you to simply reap the benefits. If you’re confused about the kind of items to sell, or if a liquidation auction is the right step for your business, reach out to us for a quick consultation. Our team of experts will guide you through the process and give you a quote. To find out more about a liquidation solution, call Michaels Global Trading at 888-471-5066 or contact us here for more information.

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